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Installed gas fire by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer validates your manufacture warranty (Terms and Conditions Apply)....


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We also could supply you a gas fires or spare parts at a competitive price by getting in touch with our suppliers.
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Assured Heating offers wide range of services for gas fires from installation, maintenance and repairs.

We also recommend our customers that they get their gas fire serviced on annual basis as it prevents from producing carbon monoxide which is a poisonous gas and increases life span of the gas fire.

Last year there were 67 fatalities due to faulty gas fires which has increased by 25% since 1995.

Carbon Monoxide is produced when there is not a right mixture of gas with air. This happens when the gas fire's burners get blocked with soot from burning coals which leads to incomplete combustion.

Cabon Monoxide is a silent killer as it does not have a smell and is not visible to the eye.


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